Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Shallow Post

Summer started. The heat tends to kill those few brain cells I have left. So my summer posts will/shall be as shallow as can be.

After having debated on whether or not to buy a Mac, and after being encouraged, insisted upon, nagged upon, continuously convinced that I should go for it, I decided to go for it. I will be Mac'ed soon.

My one Lit class got bombarded by my presentation of course info and other technical details for 2 days. Tomorrow I move to more mind-numbing details regarding writing skills.

I saw Shrek a few days back. Did they actually cut the kissing scene between an ogre and his ogre wife?


Ms Loala said...

Go for it! :P
You can check this blog for applications, softwares and beginners start guide:

And this one as well:

We all suffer from the summer, i just hope there's gonna be brain cells left until the finals!

Shopaholic said...

you are getting a mac, you're getting a mac wohoo

بالديسار said...

I’m going through the same dilemma now!
To Mac or not to Mac
Also buy it from the UK or the States … The US A LOT cheaper ..

Good luck

White Wings said...

is there a shrek 3??

Judy Abbott said...

i dont recommend mac book..


if you tend to get many CD's and computer based items from your students, mac wouldn't be a smart choice... else than that it rocks even your presentations will rock..

still don't go for the book unless you don't have a lot to be on the laptop.

Alia said...

I love summer ... & who hates shallow posts ... they're fun

Congrats on your new MAC
تكسرينه بالعافية

Soud said...

Congrats on your new MAC

sweetd said...

I don't have uni this summer:) woohooo

Anonymous said...

yay you finally listened to the nagging yay :D .. It'll take time before you transform from disgrunteled mac girl to happy mac girl .. it does take time to adjust .. but its smooth sailing of from there :D

ValenciaLover said...

So how's the new Mac doing with you?
Should i start saving money to get myself one?

Swair. said...

eee, 3aib Orges kiss!! then kids see the possibility of humans kissing!! *gasps* u don't want THAT!!! :p

Hanan said...

loala. I went for it and I'm loving it. Thanks for the sites.

shopa. woohoo indeed.

بالديسار. To Mac. Price at iCity wasn't too bad actually.

ww. But you have a kid. More of an excuse to keep track of the latest in cartoons. :)

judy. The pro is too big. I didn't want anything bigger than a 13". I still have my office pc in case those cd's don't work here :)

alia. Summer without a boat is no summer at all.

soud. Thank you.

sweetd. Lucky you. The weather is not UNI-friendly.

zorath. Yes nagging works with me. Don't you know that?

valencia. YES.

swair. LOL

AyyA said...

Congrats on your Mac, a lovely toy that would keep you busy this summer, but what did you name it? I finally decided that mine should be named “Dominica” because it dominated my life. And after using it for more than a year now, I found that it doesn’t slow operation process after a while like regular PC’s, which means your Mac works exactly at the same speed you used it the first time, , and this is what I needed. Another advantage is that you don’t have to worry about viruses anymore, which also to me was a big relief.

White Wings said...

believe it or not, i haven't made it to the movie yet :)
and i had a dream about you last must pay me..i have no idea why :)

Disturbed Stranger said...

Shallow indeed.