Sunday, June 03, 2007

My Magna Cum Laude

12 years ago, he wore his first graduation gown at his KG graduation.
Last night, he wore a similar gown for his high school graduation.
Bader, I am so proud of you.


Shoush said...

Smila 3alaih, so cute! :) Allah y7aftha inshala.

White Wings said...

we are all very proud
i don't know what to say, disbelief, joy and a bit of sadness are all working me up...our little boy "can't touch this", who could have seen this coming? i don't like the idea of them growing up..can we stop ths before it is too late?
congrats...he will do great things..i know it

Delicately Realistic said...

Awwww i couldnt help tearing!
You must be so proud.
Mabrook...o minha l'a3la inshAllah!

Shopaholic said...

aw so cute, congrats babe, you did a great job.

والله اللي يشوف حلاتج ما يقول عندج أولاد

Alia said...
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Alia said...

& we're proud of you;**

I asked you yesterday if you cried?? بس عيوني دمعت وانا اشوف الصورة .... هههههه

Bader ... I still can't forget the first time he saw me ba3d el'3azu, when u asked him do you know who this is .. he said: yes .. Humpty Dumpty

I also remember the engagment ring he gave me .. do u?

& of course ... his "RED HOT" trade mark .. ماراح أقول شنو .. عيب

He deserves the best .. & u deserve such a boy

Love you

Purgatory said...

hmm, he looks like he is 6 years old, is he some Korean smart kid?

AnGeL said...

congrats ;) you did a great job
i know u are proud of him, and you should :)
don't worry, he'll do great inshala, alla ywafga oo inshala soon u'll see him graduating from university ;)


PS: he is soo cute ;p wanna eat him :D

Hanan said...

shoush. Thanks. New here? Welcome.

ww. As in stunt their growth? Madry. How about we freeze one kid int he family and let the others grow?

dr. I'm extremely proud :)

shopaعيونك الحلوة :*

alia. I don't cry. I'm not nabila :P Yeah now that you mention it I do remember that you stole our kids' hearts all the way back to bader. I thought this was a new things with you :)

purg. Yes he is :P

angel. He's not edible...I think.

sweetd said...

AWWW hes sooooooo CUTE...allah khaleeeylich eeya inshallah...:) wafga ba3ad..:) Time flies by so fast!!

Disturbed Stranger said...

Couldn't you have picked a better background?

Hasn't he complained?:)

I know if I had my picture taken with that fat-legged girl I would've been traumatized for life.

Swair. said...

mashaalllaaaa.. Allah ya7fitha min kil shar oo ekhaleeh lich enshalla :D

3oqbal el masters and Phd ;)