Friday, December 22, 2006


Play dough figures.
Omar continues to prove his artistic talents (while his younger bro's obsession with balls continue)

Their mother's talent shows itself here. Pecan pie was amazing. I'm craving a piece to end my day.

I like massages. Do you? Foot massages are probably my favorite (or maybe the most effective turn on ... that and hand massages. But hey, a full body massage always makes my day as well :)

What's your favorite, most erogenous body part to be massaged?


My mother's occasional heart pain frightens me :s


Purgatory said...

You are posting naked foot pictures!

I do not like massages, they do not turn me on, but if I need one I have one.

That kid has talent, wonder where he got it from, maybe his aunt :P?

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I bet nothing turns purg on, oh wait chubbu women do!

anyways, I love scalp massage ;P

Flamingoliya said...

definitely foot. and if you have recommendations please do mention them.

Hanan said...

NOOOOO. I forgot to save and my comment got lost:

Here we go again:
I posted 1:29, purg and shopa comment 1:30. Do you two live in the web? (it says pm on my post but it's actually am. Shall fix that soon)

purg. Nakes pictures are allowed here. prohbition only goes for teaching them at KU.
What turns you on then?
Ye he definitely takes after his sick* aunt.

shopa. Scalp massages are great for relaxation. But I'm talking about what turns you on, not what relaxes you :)

flaming. Try hand massages. They do the work too.

Missy said...

I'm craving a pieve of this pie too.. looks so damn good. masha'Allah..

Dr.Lost said...

the pis looks delicious.. me wants :(

foot massage.. umm doesnt turn me on thats for sure.. full body massage yeah.. favorite part? neck.

cute dough thingies.. give him a star on his hand for it :)

Dr.Lost said...
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Dr.Lost said...
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Dr.Lost said...

lol i cant believe i mispelled pie.. PIE PIE not pis! sorry :)

and look at missy: pieve of pie..

HANAN what have you done to us?? that pie is driving everyone insane !!! ;p

Girl Meets World said...

I love massages...very relaxing!
hmmm I think I would get turned on if someone I like touches me.

u like it when ppl sit on ur butt when getting a massage :P

but yeah that pie looks delicious...I like apple pies more YUM! allah I want :(

Purgatory said...

No it was just by chance, I and Shopa have no connection.

Chubby women turn me on as Shopa mentioned.

3baid said...

Cool play dough characters! :D

shosho said...

Ma-eshoofoon shar el ahal.

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Hanan, ahaaa what turns on! Well, it has to be foot and huh! I'll just keep it to myself.

Alia said...

oh .. they're 12 figures now .. & I'm still thinking of how to put them in display (in a safer place) ... coz otherwise beedo will smash 'em all

The pie ... it looks way better than the one I made .. & i had a slice yesterday after teh movie .. it was the last piece .. yummmmmmmm

massages??? foot massage is amazing ... but for me back massage do wonders

Hanan said...

dr.lost. struggling with your words I see :) The pie was indeed amazing. When Alia decides to give me the recipe, I'll bake it, eat it, and think of you :P And yeah, neck too. Hmm come to think of it I enjoyed the full treatment. Spatime rocks. As for me driving you insane. I wouldn'e dream of giving myself this honor :P lost doctors are insane by nature :)

girl/world. bes someone you like? you're boring. :P Wait till Alia gives me the recipe for this pie and then judge.

purg. You're not playing fair. The question was which body part, not who. But Ok I'll accept that answer. And you and shopa are in two difference continents. So it must be telepathy :)

3baid. I know :) That kid's good.

shosho. thanks hon. eshar mayeech

shopa. No No No. No keeping things to yourself girl ;) Sharing is caring.

After that brilliant movie a piece of that pie sounds just right.
Back massages for you of course, twisted back and all :P

personal note: So the time seems to be fixed, slightly. It now reads 12:29 AM. AM is correct but it was 1:29 :S how do I fix that?