Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Love New York


Entrepreneur said...

Yeah me too!

My favourite city in the world. New York Baby. Where dreams are made.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful city! Enjoy your trip & make sure to eat a New York hotdog at Coney Island!

Shurouq said...

And I, Bneid elGar!

Hanan, enjoy it to the max.. Miss you already :**

The Simper said...

New York, New York by Sinatra


3AJEL said...

حسبي الله على الظروف والعوائق وبن لادن فوقهم لم ازر اميركا من قبل وعندما فكرت بالذهاب اليها حدث ما حدث ثم عاندتني الظروف لاحقا
استمتعي فعزائي الوحيد ان غيري يستمتع بما كنت اريده فانا احب الخير لكل الاعزاء

Khargoush said...

Who dosn't love NY, I was telling mom today, I wanna live in NY, bas elthoroof ma tesma7, wentay adra

kila ma6goog said...

have fun

trden bel slama

barrak said...

خلف الله علينا احنا حدنا الفحيحيل

Hanan said...

entrepreneur. I know. Everytime I come here I feel even more thrilled than before.

mini. Thanks. Had a huge 1 foot hot dog at serendipity. it was amazing.

shurouq. Bneid alGar can't compare to NYC but I make do with what I can ba3ad shasawee? Miss you too suga'

the simper. welcome to my blog. I think we passed by some Sinatra used-to-be dwelling in either the Village or Soho but I might be mistaken, the bus tour guide talks too much.

3ajil. thank you. inshallah you can visit it soon.

khargoush. how about we live here together? shrayich?

kila ma6gog. thank you. t'amer 3ala shay from here?

barrak. fahaheel is not too bad, is it? :P

AyyA said...

Is it a coincident that I chose to pull one of my old poems from the archives titled “Central Park, NYC” to post, while you’re in NYC?
OK, check it out and don’t miss the stage plays.

Khargoush said...

Go see wicked, I saw it it's amazing, don't miss it.