Sunday, August 20, 2006

I am such a Dory ...

Remember that cute blue fish in Finding Nemo?


Here's my Dory story:
I packed. Said my goodbyes to some. Went back home for a nap before my flight scheduled for tonight.
I double-check the ticket to confirm just one more time ... and lo and behold ... my flight is scheduled for tomorrow, not today.
Now tell me, isn't that the clumsiest thing you have ever heard?

I think my last post is early signs of my dory-ism. A comment meant to appear in another blog, somehow became a post in my blog!!! I don't understand how that happened. But hey ... I'm Dory :/

If I wasn't always blessed with this absentminded and forgetful nature, I'd blame it on nearing my big 4-0. But alas, I can't even blame my dory-ism on age.

But then again, I can also blame it on giving myself very little time between one flight and another, getting sick the last day on my previous trip, having to do some unpleasant legal errands today, worrying about the kids' school starting while I'm gone (with my eldest a senior this year), among a list of other minor disturbances that I have been having lately. Egh, when did life become so complicated?


kila ma6goog said...

ترى الكلام كلش مو واضح و صعب ينقري

رحمي عيونا رحم الله والديك

Hanan said...

كبرنا الخط حبتين علشان خاطر عيون كلا مطقوق

hope it's readable now.

ScarlO said...

ma6goog, get 'Opera' .. beats IE & Firefox

And .. Dory's cute. 40 isn't that old! Well, perhaps it is, but old is gold anyways or so they say..

erm, and .. and have a safe trip back home (you're home already?)

(Morrison, Morrison, more more Morrison :-D )

3AJEL said...

وما هي الاسباب التي دفعتك كي تصبحي مثل دوري
هل بسبب الحر؟
بسبب انقطاع الكهرباء؟
ما السبب؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I love dory, that mean I love you ;*
Look at the bright side, at least your flight wasn't yesterday!

Alia said...

صاجة شوبا
متخيلة لو الرحلة كانت أمس مثلا؟؟
كنت راح أضحك أكثر

Jandeef said...

My cousin once studied hard for a high school final exam much earlier than it was scheduled. Afterall he ended up with extra days for more studying.

So for you afterall, you had the packing part down already, which is always good :)

AyyA said...

Loved your Doriasm of the last post, do it again ;*

Kila ma6goog
Use large font size on view option of your window, otherwise binoculars will do, and stop whining ;p

Sloth said...

hey.. dont beat urself about this..
i usually discover the flight time 2 hours before.. so hey.. we're blessed :/

to9leen bisalama wherever ur desination may be :)

Hanan said...

scarlo. I'm home then off again. Morrison shortly after I come back.

عاجل. ما أقدر ألوم الحر أو انقطاع الكهرباء. السبب الأوحد والوحيد هو الدودهة

shopa. I love you too suga'

Alia. basich 6naza

jandeef. I know. I usual leave things till the last minute and have a rather hectic final 30 minutes before flying. Now I'm all set and ready to leave in an hour :)

Ayya. The post was mistakingly published but the sentiment is true and holding.

sloth. thanks dear.

Jewaira said...

I would love that to happen to me. Imagine having all that extra time!
But really I don't know what to make of your previous post ;)

Anonymous said...

Do you also speak whale-speak?

On one trip, I went to the airport & such & wanted to check my bags in. Then the lady looks at me strangely and tells me, "Sir, you missed your flight by, oh only 24 hours or so."

Now how stupid can THAT be? :/

Khargoush said...

7abibti Hanan, Dorism is not an age issue I guess, we all go through it, well you know my mom very well, she had dorism since I can remember, so I don't think we should blame it on age.
love u always

3baid said...

"tomorrow, not today."

hehe, at least it wasn't, "yesterday"! :P

3abeer said...

I suffer from a light case of amnesia, I blame it on either genetics or the weather ;)

Papillona ® said...

no honey that's ME!! wallah me

Miss you