Wednesday, July 05, 2006

لنسمعهم صوتنا

نبي حكومة بلا عناصر الفساد والتأزيم
نبي مجلس برئاسة وطنية تمثل الشعب ولا تمثل عليه
وهم نبيها خمسة
لنسمعهم صوتنا كما أسمعناهم من قبل
ساحة الإرادة - مقابل مجلس الأمة
الجمعة ٧ يوليو2006
الساعة الثامنة والنصف مساء

البس البرتقالي واحضر
For those who mistook my last post as a sign of surrender, I add this here to show that I haven't given up. I received a blow, a strong one, but I haven't given up on Kuwait and never will.


White Wings said...

glad to hear you're still on board the fighting ship :)
green and orange? did I get this right?

3AJEL said...

علم وينفذ

Shurouq said...

Yey.. Finally I get to wear my orange pants

Shurouq said...

Yey.. Finally I get to wear my orange pants

Proletarian said...

Thats the spirit :)

Hanan said...

white wings
Green? What? Why?
It says wear orange and come, not green (i7thur not akhthar :)

Good. See you there.

Are you wearing them twice? :p

There will be spirits served? woohoo. I'm going for sure.

Alia said...

I need more "nabeeha 5" T-shirts

Anonymous said...

my nabeeha 5 shirt is going thru so many washes in my failed attempt at shrinking it.

oh well i'll wear it like a dishdasha anyway ;)

NuNu™ said...

Green and orange?!
Sorry I got that wrong! Had to read it twice just to make sure ;P

ValenciaLover said...

انا بعد أبي تي شيرت نبيها 5

ولاّدة said...

سنسمعهم صوتنا
تي شيرتي نبيها خمسة مغسولة ومكوية ومعلقة ناطرتني

Chai-7aleeb said...

I'm confused.Shall I wear tonight my orange t-shirt or not?The guys are saying not to and wear casual clothes instead.Please advise.

Hanan said...

I'm wearing an orange T. Not the nabeha 5 shirt, but orange still. The color has significant value now and there is no reason why we cannot wear the color that represents the fight against corruption in Kuwait.

No3iK said...

allah ewafigkum inshalah :)

Fuzzy said...

hanging tough


3AJEL said...

حضرنا وصورنا ممكن نعرف رايكم

Pepsi-guy said...

بس ما أدري سمعوا صوتنا ولا لأ؟؟

Hanan said...

no3ik, fuzzy, عاجل
welcome to my blog

yes they heard us. don't you ever doubt that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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