Friday, June 30, 2006

3 wise monkeys

When we went into the Criminal Investigations Building this last Wednesday the 21st of June we were met everywhere with this statue.
Now I know what it means exactly.

The 3 deaf, blind and mute monkeys are indeed very very smart. So smart they're gonna lose this country to other monkeys.

حسافة على الكويت


Papillona ® said...

akh ya galbi 3alaich ya deerti

Alia said...

بسكم عفية ندري الوضع مو زين
كلمات مثل حسافة وآخ يا قلبي ما راح تنفعنا

اللي سويناه في هالشهور اللي طافت ماراح هدر .. مو كفاية إننا حلينا المجلس وطيحنا الكثير من رموز الفساد ...يعني لازم ما نوقف هني

ومثل ما كنا نقول في بداية تجمعاتنا البرتقالية
هذا أول المشوار
الطريق بعده طويل
واللي صار مو شوية
لا نيأس

Mini Я. said...

lol..i have exactly the same statue sitting on my desk at work.

and another different set of 3 monkeys on my desk here at home

I'm sure we've named them the same names too.

Allah kareem..the fight isn't over yet ya Hanan..keep that in mind :)

Pepsi-guy said...

والله عيب

دكتوراه في الادب النجليزي وتكتب
So smart they're gonna lost this country to other monkeys

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I don't know if I can fight anymore!

White Wings said...

don't give up on us

shopa wants to give up right here on your blog, maybe you can do something about it :)

M-Redux said...

Awwwwww....but still ako jalsat el iftita7 and endless movements against corruption, erm..OR OR OR you know how when evil doers never get away with what they did, like when somebody buys a car with stolen money they either crash and die or become crippled and learn an important lesson, such as "buying votes and winning illegally is 7aram"

Proletarian said...

We believe in Kuwait, we believe in a better future
7anan where is the spirit, where is the spirit of the knight that I saw the last months. Do not give up all of us would not…

Anonymous said...

dont worry hanan, every single thing will be fine dam ena fee nas nafsech belkuwait :)

Hanan said...

papi. alia's right. i know she's right. i know what was done is not lost. i know this should not deter us. i know we should not give in. i know mini r is right. i know the fight isn't over. i know and i know and i know.
but i can't help how i feel. i feel defeated. sorry white wings, but like shopa i seem to have lost the will to fight too. i seem to have lost alexis' trust and exaltation in happy endings. the spirit, my dear proletarian, was barely beginning to be when it was crushed.

3AJEL said...

الموضوع ما انتهى الموضوع للتو بدأ
بالسابق كان النواب والشخصيات يشتغلون وكثير منا قاعد يصفق او يتفرج ويتحلطم
والأكثر مطنش
احنا نقود ونشيل ونحط
النواة كبرت والمطلوب استثمارها والمحافظة
عموما الاحباط مطلوب هاليومين على سبيل التغيير خصوصا وان البلوة اللي الحكومة ما تشكلت لما الحين
الله والتشكيل عاد

White Wings said...

you and shopa will be there at the next orange demonstration, I have no doubt
take the time you need to be angry and exhausted and then come back ready
or do some damage, go shopping :)

Soud said...

ما عندى شء أضيفة بس

replace the word wise for stupids

3 wise monkeys will become

3 STUPIDS monkeys

Mini Я. said...

"I venture to suggest that patriotism is not a short and frenzied outburst of emotion but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." - Adlai E. Stevenson

I find that quote true in our case. We may have not won the war, everyone...but we won the battle.

So keep up your strength, we have a whole lifetime to go ;)

kila ma6goog said...

اتفق معاج بس الي مسكر حلجه مو كويتي

الكويتيين بس كلام

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