Monday, January 30, 2006

My Multicultural Breakfast

picture's ugly but have to rush so don't have time to edit:)
Items on my breakfast table:

French white cheese
Kuwaiti milk
Swiss via Turkish chocolate powder
Danish butter
German Philadelphia cheese
American honey
Australian Kraft cheese


Kthekuwaiti said...

Danish butter! You are going to have people rioting outside of your house. Didnt you know that by boycotting Danish butter, you are showing the people in Denmark that they should not allow their newspapers free press!

Other than that .. great breakfast, your just missing Arabic/South American coffee!

DareDevil said...

nice post

Spontaneousnessity said...

UN mo breakfast table =P

you call that bad editing? have you been to my blog?!

Jacqui said...

A solution would've been taking a picture of your actual breakfast :P I mean what's more beautiful than actual food pictures Nummy! :P

NuNu™ said...

Hehehe, chinha waseelat madresa malot awal ;P

Alia said...

وين الخبز الإيراني؟؟؟

وبعدبن ريوقج كلش مو كشخة..... وين الكرواسون والمربى ..

واو سوفاج

a piece of information for White Wings: "word verification keeps spammers away" a piece of information i got from Shurouq

Hanan said...

kthekuwaiti. yes I know, But that butter's my favorite and I am not willing to give it up. Oh and I had tea but didn't know its source:)

daredevil. thanks and welcome to my post

spon. I think by far this is the worst editting ever.

jackie. was in a hurry to get to work. my camera wasn't with me. and my bluetooth chip wasnt there either so the phone camera wouldn't have worked.

nunu. welcome to my home. waseelat madresa. lol. it must be the teacher in me:)

alia. ee I forget the bread.

ValenciaLover said...

i agree with alia,
الخبز الإيراني أهم شي

Loved the previous post also, but made me feel bad about my messy closet of pictures and papers. I guess if i go through what's in it now, i will be facing some old funny memories too.

Jazz Central said...

when U having a breakfast like that again. I'm coming over with the bagguette and gruyere cheese and Chtoura labneh....Oh I forgot..and the ma6ara of chai 7aleeb bil hail :) A little multiculture there for you...French, with a hint of lebanese and end with a Kuwaiti specialty :)

Brava Valentia said...

Hanan and Jazz

can i come ? i'll bring the toast and olives ;-p

Emikweesta said...

Good breakfast wala.

How about some darabeel and bakhsam with chai 7aleeb bel hail.. a good start for the morning with a lot of energy... mmm :)

Jacqui said...

I miss delicious breakfasts, I miss my Coffee Bean Breakfasts. Believe it or not, I would come to University early just to go have breakfast and then attend some classes. Ahhh the good ol' days.

With the Mention of the Iranian bread, it reminded me of my late Grandfather, back in the early 90's when he used to wake up and have a whole breakfast set up in front of him which I would indulge in with him, hehe had the collection of old people food :P Or old school food basically.

Яeema said...

is kraft glass missing around here!

Swair. said...

i don't like cheese :(

but Chocolate and Honey ROCK!!

White Wings said...

thanks Alia..
I was really wondering abou that..
no gaimar was asal :(

Hanan said...

valencia. my pictures are still in a mess. so don't feel too guilty.

jazz. 7ayyak. sounds tempting.

mother courage. 7ayyach you too.

emik. that's too sweet for my taste, but yeah why not?

reema. kraft glass is not an essential breakast component for me.

swair. chocolate and honey together? girl you got a sweet tooth.

white wings. between you, swair, and emik. this breakfast is turning into a dessert table ;)

Anonymous said...

This may be completely off-topic, but I absolutely despise fake, cosmo, new-age, kuwaiti female urbanites who think they are special because they make so-called unorthodox observations. They make me sick! they can take their idiosyncratic observations and shove it as far as I am converned.