Friday, January 27, 2006

روضة بلقيس

You know you're old when you KG report turns yellow :)

Deciding to finally make some sense out of the mess I call my den, I came across this interesting piece of evidence.

I don't exactly know why I chose to remove the rest of my name. I'm probably still pretending that my blog identity is still a mystery :)


Jacqui said...

My KG report has also turned yellow :/ Does that mean I'm old? :(

Jelly Belly said...

I was in Rawdat Balgees! o ba3dain omee 9arat wakeela eb Rawdat Belal so I moved with her...e7im kint bint alwakeela ;)
I still have some of the drawings and activities we did in rawda saved and it didn't turn yellow yet :P

ScarlO said...

I dont have anything min 'ayam el 6ofoola' .. the oldest picture of myelf that I have, I was 9.
But I remember that there was this boy that puked all the time. He was always sick and always sat next to me, and it was always me that gets to be washed and stuff. I had clothes in the rawtha too, and I always hated it when my teacher changed my clothes.

shosho said...

Takshiteen min el rawtha!!!!!!


meWHO! said...

Interesting..I thought I am the only one who keeps almost everything!!I have boxes of papers!! Thanks for your made me feel young ;)

forzaq8 said...

you have bad attendence

thats all of what i can read

White Wings said...

هممم، "ليست عندها الجرأة والطلاقة في الحديث" صحيح؟؟
did you ever get over that? :)
and Hanan, why the word-verification?? I always wanted to know the purpose behind it!!

Jacqui said...

Okay wait, how can everyone read the document itself except me, I find the text too small to make out anything :/ even when I view the picture :/

Ugh I am really REALLY OLD!

:( Sad

Alia said...

the document says:

مرتبة ونظيفة (نظيفة أي بس مرتبة ما أقدر أطوفهاأو يمكن آنا وايد مرتية فعندي الناس كلهم عفيسة) ، هادئة هذي بعد صعبة علي)، لكنها كثيرة الغياب (غريبة)ولم تحضر للروضة إلا أياما معدودة لذلك فلم تتعود ولم تندمج مع رفاقها الأطفال وليست عندها الجرأة والطلاقة بالحديث (هذي عاد أقوى وحدة). حنان شصار فيج ... أخاف مبدلينج

Shurouq said...

In Hanan's defense:
I think she went to school in London that year, thus the lack of attendance in Rawdhat Balqees.

Ditching school is not accepted in this family.

Swair. said...

LOL weshalem gaallbaaa...

omg, i can't imagine you as a kid.. madri, ur just not a kid in my eyes...

oh dear, that sounded weird.. it's supposed to make you feel better! wallah!

you're mature, adult, not a kid, basically..

better if i shut up, right? lol

Jacqui said...

Hmmm, That's a mighty beautiful template you got there :P

Beautiful indeed, hmmmm I wonder who is behind this masterpieces? :P

Hmmmm, should I guess some more? Should I? :P

Hanan said...

jackie. you graduated, therefore you're old.

jelly belly. i'm totally young at heart :P

scarlo. poor you. 9 and the teacher changed your clothes? that must've been terrible.

shosho. yes dear. its in my system.

mewho. yeah i'm kinda happy i still have that (although more recent papers, like my university work, is all gone to waste, 7asafa)

forza8. yeah i should've used picasso or flicker so that the picture can be enlarged. it basically says i'm tidy and quiet but constantly absent so never learned to socialize with classmates and my verbal abilities are limited. cool huh?

white wings. i forgot what word verification was for but believe me it was for a good cause ;)

alia. no walla it still is me but i put on a mask now.

shuroq. yeah that's probably the reason, coz attendance is taken seriously in our family :)

swair. i'm not as mature as you may think ;)

jackie. the template is indeed wonderful. thanks again girl