Friday, December 02, 2005

The Hour of Demonic Possession

So according to this movie, 3 o'clock is the hour of demonic possession as it is the demons' way of mocking the holy trinity. I wonder what our Muslim hour of demonic possession.

Not a bad movie. I expected court scenes mostly but it turns out to be a jumpy movie at times.

A group of viewers arrived 5 minutes into the movie, talking in their loudest voices, laughing and edging themselves in the seats behind us. Now their loud entrace I might have excused if they didn't also happen to be carrying a bag full of popcorns and chocolates and dragging that bag on our heads as they eased their bulky selves into their seats. OK so the girl wasn't realy fat, just big, but she really needs to learn to check her surroundings when she walks. I wonder what kind of driver she would make. And then half way into the movie (or is it at the end? I don't remember) another member of that loud group got up to probably restock on food and this time it was her bag that whacked our heads as she left.

Going out for lunch now so will cut this short.


Jacqui said...

I heard that it was an "Okay" movie, and that there isn't anything that special about it, I myself hate horror movies or any of that such. Give me a comedy any time of day or even all day long and I would be happy.

desmond said...

I've given up going to the cinema here in Beirut for exactly the same reason you mentioned. Some people are just so arrogant that they have no concept of space or surroundings and it INFURIATES me!!
Anyway, for a great scare get Exorcist I & III - part II sucks...

Reema said...

"I wonder what our Muslim hour of demonic possession."

Well i always had my seizures between 5-5:30am, i don't know why at this specific time.

moryarti said...

i can't believe some of the things inconsiderate movie goers do - my list is endless. But the most annoying (in random order) is this:

- talking during the movie
- using mobile phone (the bright light of some of the newer phones can lighten up the entire theater)
- fidgeting and moving alot
- laughing at the wrong time or for no reason
- making random odd sounds

I always avoid the movies when I know there are plenty of people around - i stick to afternoons and weekdays...

Alia said...

i totally agree with moryarti "avoid the movies when u know it's gonna be crowded"
although noisy people are everywhere/anytime nowadays

nazzal said...

لا أدب ولا أخلاق ولا رقي
ولا كنترول من مسؤولي السينما
تحترق أعصابك بدل قضاء وقت ممتع
لذلك لا للسينما في الكويت
فقط في البيت أو في السفر

McArabian said...

Can't handle horror movies in the theatre. I went to see The Amityville Horror and almost had to leave in the middle of the movie, I was so tense.

Yeah, I mostly stick to comedies now :P

Hanan said...

Jackie. Very few movies are special, so I go for the next good thing: just a fun movie to watch.

Desmond. I was more amused than infuriated. The Exorcist has always been one of my favorite horror movies, but that's probably because at that time my standards were simpler.

Reema. But seizures are medical/scientific unlike demonic possession which is spiritual. Or are you associating the two?

Moryarti & Alia. I can't always choose the time I go to the movies. It depends on the schedule of those I go with. And I also find it a bit strange to leave a movie in broad daylight:)

Nazzal. Movie going is a fun activity. It's not always just about viewing the movie. I guess it's one of those few social/cultural activities most people enjoy.

Mcarabian. You're a sensitive soul. Not me. I don't scare easily. Or maybe I'm not imaginative enough to allow make-believe to take its full toll on me. (I took the liberty of deleting one of your comments, it was repeated twice)

Reema said...

I'm certainly not possessed lol but yeah I've been epileptic since i was 10.

Jacqui said...

You should've seen "Chicken Little" it's so cute hehehe ;P seeing a little chicken running around and yelling "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" It really is something... There are great movies coming out these next few weeks but in the US and not here. Examples would be:

Just Friends: Ryan Renolds(the guy from "2 Guys and a Girl")

Yours, Mine Ours: Dennis Quaid and Renne Russo

and one that's coming soon is called "The Family Stone" starring Dermont Mulrouney, Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes, and others. (I just saw a trailer for it, it looks promising)

As you can see those are mostly comedies since technically we need to laugh more than anything else. Don't you agree?

McArabian said...

Thanks, sorry about that. I was tired when I wrote it :)