Saturday, December 10, 2005

مهرجان القرين الثقافي

Last night (Thursday night) I went to Mishrif for a night of music with Ssassa, an Oriental Gypsy band. I haven't been going to many cultural events lately and I thought it's time to get back in the game (Going to Movie Week at Kaifan doesn't count). The music was so lively that it was hard to resist the urge to dance at times. A lebanese friend who was in our group was tempted to get up and do her share of dapka on those tunes. It was an extremely festive mixture of Greek, Turkish, Kosovan, and Macedonian tunes.

I don't know how many more of these qurain events I would want to attent though. I didn't check all their schedule yet.

On a separate note, did winter cancel on us this year or what?


q8Sultana said...

I checked out the program, unfrtunately its in Arabic, but once I get to Kuwait next week I'll whip out my dictionary and try to figure out if there's anything interesting going on while Im there (between Dec 17 and Jan 3 in case you want to just write it down for me here :o)

Jacqui said...

I believe winter just gave us the birdie and went by really. One week is not enough of a little chilly weather after the rain really. And I guess people just scared it off. I remember late on the 4th of Dec I heard that starting Monday we would have cold weather, and sad enough it was only fog and not even a hint of cold! Ugh, makes it hard to shop online really, being tempted with those turtleneck shirts ;r

Judy Abbott said...

Did you hear about global worming? i guess its started well already.

about green i wonder why they always do it in finals time!

Jazz Central said...

How come I'm missing out on all these concerts! Never heard that this concert was on! Must have been fun!

I totally agree with you when it comes to winter. What in the world happened. Its december and almost and two weeks till new years, and we are still wearing shorts!

Swair. said...

ooh nice... i've always wanted to go to festivals like this but haven't had the time.. now i have three researches coming up, so i can't go at all *sighs*

Alia said...

i say: don't bother yourself in checking out the scheduale .... not worth it

maybe one more event (Ornina: the dancing band) & that's it

(shshshsh .. don't tell i work for the NCCAL)

ValenciaLover said...

I think there's a play called الليل والخيل
or something like that. I was told it's good, but again my sources are not that trustable.

Hanan said...

q8sultana. i'll translate some (bare with my extremely rough translation :)
17 dec. classical music for hamad alrashid. 8pm. mishrif
19 dec. kuwaiti national musical band. 8pm. Mariot
21 dec. modern japanese art gallery. opening 6 pm. modern art museum.
21 dec. ornina dancing band (alia and nabila's recommendation). 8 pm. dasma theater.
22 dec. ornina. second day. 8 pm dasma theater.
24 dec. photography gallery. 6 pm. bait lothan.
24 dec. play: sout murr (bitter voice?) 8 pm. Shamia theater.
25 dec qurain formative art gallery. opening 6 pm
26 dec. play: zeer salim and prince hamlet (syrian group) 8 pm. dasma theater.

jackie. i was wearing boots and short sleeves yesterday coz i couldn't decide on the weather :/

judy. madry. but its not finals yet, is it?

jazz. i hear of these things by word of mouth. they usually post the schedule in the papers but i don't think they did this this year.

swair. maybe next time :)

alia and nabila. so oliver twist since qurain isn't providing :)