Friday, October 21, 2005

Who's gay? Who's not?

Tight pants, closeted heroes. What’s hidden behind those masks? Ma 3endy salfa but we were talking about that on the way back from Villa Fayrouz.

Villa Fayrouz!!! I thought I liked the place, turns out I only like the music. We had to keep asking for the menu, keep asking to get some dates (finally 5 dates were scattered on a too big of a plate and served), keep asking to get someone to take our order, their desserts menu is a disgrace, their food is lame, and the service!!! OMG those people were dazed for sure. We had at least 4 waiters, each dumber than the next. The Ramadan spirit must really be kicking in there.

I wanna go out but it’s all too crowded. My boys refuse to wear dishdasha for Eid so I have to go shopping for decent clothes. The Horror! The Horror!

My “A Million Little Pieces” just arrived and I’m looking forward to reading a good book. I hope this one proves to be one. My last, “Five People You Meet in Heaven” was a total disappointment. It was in my car forever and I’d read it at traffic lights, waiting for doctors’ appointments, waiting for friends to get in the car, but it never seemed to finish until 2 days ago.
My bookshelves need to be organized again. I have too many children’s books that I don’t wanna throw away ‘cause my kids read them earlier, but the Dr Seuss and Disney collection doesn’t fit in my den, neither do the boys want it in their rooms. And the files upon files of papers to be organized :/


bo_ghazi said...

wow... villa farouz was that bad!!

I kinda considered them the best Lebanese rest. in Kuwait!!

Shurouq said...

yea.. so what's for su7oor?

Jan6a said...

i think Robin is definetly GAY! hmm Superman is always in some closest changing so maybe there's some symbolism there,,

*pizzazz* said...

super man is definetly gay!

i mean look at his perfect hair!

not a hair out of place throughout the cartoon...

he must use some kind of industrial product for his hair ;P

Anonymous said...

Robin is definetly gay dont think the others are :) .Next week it will get more crowded :(

Jacqui said...

Messy Bookshelves is a common thing between book addicts :r My bookshelves are overpacked and the rest are lying around under the bed, in my night stand, on my desk, wherever there is light, there is a book :r

bo_ghazi said...

just came back from villa fairouz... it was (as usual) great!

waterlilie said...

Note-We can't really tell which super hero is gay. When these cartoons were created "gays" were not stereotyped. Being gay is a sexual orientation, not a "look".

Hanan-Chan ri7tow edo? hehe

MissCosmoKuwait said...

I have to agree with the Villa Fayrooz experience..the waiters totally piss me off...they look at you from top to bottom and then suddenly space out and stand there smiling like idiots...and once you need them...they're never around..and sorry but the food isn't that great for the amount they charge...if you'd told me you were going..I would've warned ya..:)

Mama Fusla said...

3 things:

1.I've always wondered if Superman was gay or simply a metrosexual!

2.The Hilton beach Tents are Amazing, try them out..though you have to book a week in advance. (warning: musician sings a min of
3 notes off key)

3.Dishdasha's are a must! Can't they wear them for atleast 1hr?
u simply have to say 'Dish ib Dishashtik or mako 3eedia'

wv: joxyf

nibaq said...

Just tell them they get double their money if they are in dishdashas.

Spontaneousnessity said...

hehe 3afeesa, I thought I liked villa fayrouz too, until I realized all we go there for is taboole, kebbat burghel and hummos! it's the place itself plus the music that's all, I never really cared for the service, I love fayrouz..

now back to the masks! SHYAB IL TARI! we always thought Roben was gay, Spiderman was my hero when I was a kid so I ask you to take back the thought hehe =P

ValenciaLover said...

1. What's wrong with Gays?
2. You should see my bookshelfs, the books on the side table, the books in my bathroom, the books under the bed, & even those hidden in my closets...
3. Dishdasha for Eid is nice, but hey, who cares what they're wearing? let them have fun & feel relax. Don't u think Eid is a boring occasion itself? Do not increase the pressure on them.
4. I agree Villa Fairouz was a bad choice but i can sit anywhere where i can enjoy the music, & to be honest, the music wasn't bad there

Brava Valentia said...

i love to see the kids wearing dishdasha for eid ... they look very cute !
at least they'd feel that this isnt an ordinary day !

Hanan said...

bo ghazi, pizzazz, jackie, waterlilie, mama fusla, nibaq: welcome to my blog

bo ghazi. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Maybe futor time was not the best to experience a lebanese ambience.

shuroq. le notre? taw ennas i know:)

jan6a. yeah right. in and out of closets must mean something.

pizzazz. then he's a metrosexaul as mama fusla says.

jackie. how about a book burning orgy?

waterlilie. i know. but isn't fun to play the stereotyping game? i was just kidding, u know.

miscosmo. so true. and when you want them to look your way thy don't. I was talking to the guy and his eyes wandered off.

mama fusla. hilton is nice but i wanted a cozier place.

nibaq. money bribes no longer work with them :(

spont. i take it back 3alashan e3yonich ;)

valencia. if it was up to me i wouldn't give a damn, but their dad wants them in eid clothes and i don't trust his choice enough to let him buy them :)

mother courage. i know, but you can't force westernized teenagers to put on a dress.

maybe I can talk the boys into dishdashas if I threatened them with superheroes tights for eid clothes plus another trip to villa fayrouz (waterlilie, edo would be just as scary an experience for them as villa fayrouz :)

A3sab said...

its definitely robin.
i'm with mama fusla on the dishdasha: a must

Mama Fusla said...

You're right about cozy!
Speaking of Cosy, Imbarikya isn't that bad. You can walk for hrs w/o gettin tired or bored!

wb: ssdky (tum kyari sadekay)

Spontaneousnessity said...

yes for the dishdasha too, am not a dishdasha person I mean I usually like to see them comfy but this ramadhan I ran into many of my friends wearing dishdasha and I was like hmmm!! interesting! hehe

waterlilie said...

Hanan. :P i know ur kidding...

Hanan said...

a3sab (welcome to my blog) and spont. i know dishdashas would be cool, but they strongly disagree. shasawee ba3ad.

mama fusla. mbarkiya is fun, so is souq el7amam

waterlilie. good :)

Alia said...

don't say that .. do you mean that Omar & Bader (after like 4 or 6 years later) will refuse to wear what i tell them to ... nooooooo...

boys boys boys

i need a girl here ..

& i agree robin is totally gay .. but what's wrong with that .. gay people are fun

Jacqui said...

Thanks for welcoming me :P However I would never participate in a book burning orgy :( Books are my friends. Books are amazingly awesome, well some are. When the book is worth it, then it becomes sacred. However when its so lame that you feel you wasted a few hours of your life reading that crap then yes I so would burn it! :r

As for persuading your boys to wear dishdasha's :r Hmmmm it might be a little difficult :/ Boys are the naughtier of the bunch but girls have a little bit of deviousness in them, examples are shown through my little sister and boy little cousins.

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