Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More KU Grumble

As the school year approaches, KU deserves a dedication:

This one is found around Shuwaikh Campus, mainly by the entrance gates:
New Comers Club announcing "We are in your service"
In? As in they are indebted to the new comers? And then again, what kind of name is that? New Comers? Is it just me or is the title rather awkward?

And this next one is found in a book quickly becoming a favorite of mine:
This is just not right. Such desecration! Why claim to teach art when we can't teach art? Why implement a new course "Literature and Arts" when the textbook ends up being mutilated like this? Poor Venus. The Goddess of Love deserves much better treatment.


Aurous said...

Does the NCC even help the "new comers" with anything?

When I first saw the photo I thought you covered the picture! Do they really do this to the books?!

Shurouq said...

Censorship is amusing.

Shurouq said...

I mean what they've done to that book IS criminal, but still.. Censorship is cute.

Disturbed Stranger said...

Venus is over-rated!

Alia said...
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Alia said...

Yes she does :(

يغطون فينوس ويخلون "اللي يسمون روحهم شيوخ دين" يعيثون في بلادنا دينا مشوها

أفا يا ذا العلم

آنا أقول أطبع نسخ وبالألوان بعد من اللوحة وأوزعها بالمجان على الطلبة .. هذا نشر العلم بعد شنو

تدرين ان وزيرة التربية ألغت حصص الرسم والموسيقى من المدارس الحكومية خلال الشهر الفضيل .. شفتي ورع وتقوى أكثر من شذي
باجر يلغون تدريس مقررات الانجليزي بكبرها من المناهج .. والحجة انها لغة الكفار


Amethyst said...

Not Venus! I love my uncensored copy!

NCC? Ba9eer mu7tarama:)

S3ood said...

Amusingly human anatomy, heck even forms of erotism, were not a problem for the longest time in religion. Take this example from the Bible:


note: its all symbolic by the way :P

I mean even the portrait of god and adam nude was ok in the vatican at a time where logic and rational thinking was something to be killed for. Not sure what happened though, something must of happened. Maybe fashion trends had something to do with it?

Botticelli must be rolling in his grave :(

shorouq: it is kinda over rated, but shes a hot red head so I like it. I think it became popular because it was one of the first greek pagan religion pieces in recorded history. Maybe if it was of a random women it wouldn't of been so famous.

The Archer said...

Hey Dr. H ;)
How have you been?

I just can't see why they'd do that. Remind me never to buy books from the KU library. :@

Hussain said...

Hmmm, well, you shouldn't be teaching that blasphemous stuff here anyways. We don't do 'love' and all that.

Ms Loala said...

Can get a better deal in Amazon.

Stupid organization.
Wish they compensate for something better though.

Anonymous said...

Poor Venus... :/ to have been forced to undergo sexual mutilation... ;p I think those who mutilate books (especially mine when I lend them) deserve to be shot. Desecration!

The title IS rather awkward and I am not gonna go there.

Ahhhh... I am just looking forward to those cute student "chocolate days" when all the world's woes are lightened by a chocolate covered Krispy Kreme donut which someone insists on bringing me with a smile.

Hanan said...

auros. I don't know. But their poster claims that they do. And yes. I know of at least one incident when phrases and sentences in a book were covered in black ink.

shurouq. Censorship is funny at time. But it's not really cute.

disturbed stranger. So you think that's why they covered her up? Coz she's over-rated. And all classical art is over-rated. It's amazing. But all highly over-rated.

alia. I intend something very similar. Post them online in the course forum :)

amethyst. mu7tarama like the censored Venus? (I'm getting my uncensored copy soon)

s3ood. Foucault has an interesting way of linking the taboo on sexuality in all its forms with the establishment of the family as an economic institution.
p.s. It's disturbed stranger, not shurouq, who under-rated venus. Shurouq wouldn't dare. Alia would kill her.

archer. I'm good thanks. Mostly students - and teachers - have no other choice but to get those books, censored or not.

hussain. Your sarcastic comment is not so far from the truth. As Alia said, music and art classes easily get canceled. No love or expression of love in any form.

ms loala. Not all students can get through Amazon. Most are stuck with KU's censored books.

ms baker. Chocolate is good. But I'm not a donut fan.
I'm missing those student days. Can't wait for Ramadan to end and school to start.

3abeer said...

I don't think what I'm about to say is appropriate for publishing :P

so I'll be quiet and not say anything... hmmm

can you read what's on my mind though??


Hanan said...

3abeer. How about you say what you want to say and I'll cover the inappropriate with a white sticker?
* We missed you the other day. Mukanich kan khaly