Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the hills are 'still' alive

It used to be our family's all time favorite musical. Used to be? I think it still is. 3 years ago when my mom and dad treated us 3 sisters to an unforgettable road trip covering Germany, Austria and Italy, we, always infatuated by this musical, and encouraged by our dad's relentless (romantic?) appreciation of music, took the Sound of Music tour and relived our childhood singing their songs in the tour bus (memorized by our family and by all the 'oldest' members on that tour).

If you're an avid fan, you'd wonder, like us, what happened to those kids.
Liesl's deep blue eyes are gone.
Friedrich is not so German looking anymore.
Louisa? Oh well. I never liked her, in spite of my sister's undying devotion for blonds.
Kurt still has that crunched up face :)
Brigitta is still the same.
Marta used to be so cute. She's just a woman now :)
Gretl is not as ugly now as she was then. Used to be the ugliest kid. Again, in spite of being a blondy.



3abeer said...

Nostalgic ya hanan !

I was and will always be a huge fan.. we grew up with this beautiful musical.. and Dame Julie Andrews .. oh my God what can I say about her she's amazing..her bio says it all:

Uronically..Last night we had a mini Kareoke night; a small get together with a few friends.. and I chose Edelweiss to was disastrous! a horrible performance by my part but I had fun trying ;)

Disturbed Stranger said...

You forgot the strapping Captain :) he was my favorite....

What influenced this post I wonder... ;)

New Bride said...

wooow am a fan , my dad was letting us watch the movie almost daily

Flamingoliya said...

WOW! masaddig!!
thank you for sharing this! you know all these years i thought that Gretl was dead?! i was shocked when i saw her picture here!!!
whenever i watched the movie, i mourned over her death and teared! and btw, i never thought she was ugly! she was a very cute kid!

7alata esawoon part 2 now!

i've been to their house last year, everything looked much smaller than shown on TV!

Hanan said...

3abeer Edelweiss? You're such a romantic :)
I would've picked My Favorite Things. I love that song. (or maybe The Lonely Goatherd :)

disturbed It's an email I received and wanted to forward but then remembered that the recipient it was meant to can't open attachments on her lousy little machine so I figured I'd share it here.
And Captain Von Trapp? Of course. Who's forget him? It's just that he's not as obscure as those kids.

new bride I guess your dad and mine could be good friends :)

flamingoliya I know what you mean. I was surprised at how small that glass house actually is. But a visit to those gardens is always worth it.
And Gretl dead. I know. I was just asking my sisters about that. Now you confirmed it to me. I guess word did get out that she's dead. Rumors probably.

Disturbed Stranger said...

"Who's forget him?" ;p lol.


Hanan said...

ooooooh. You're not the English teacher. I am. Stop correcting me :( ya3ni 6awfai shway chinnich ma tadreen :P

ValenciaLover said...

Liesl is still my favorite

cookie said...

i heard once that one of them died which is a rumor ofcourse