Monday, July 28, 2008

Horton Hears a 'What?"

So the kangaroo goes to an eagle called Vlad - one who has an accent that stresses his Vampire status - and Vlad promises to 'deflower' the spec .... a kid's movie? Really? Is it just my mind that associates a vampire who deflowers a spec with sexual connotations?*

Wii Fit: my new addiction. It started with Wii Sport but now moved to Wii Fit. They have to come up with a new game soon before this one wears me out.

*Horton Hears a Who


Disturbed Stranger said...

No... it's not just you... it's the subconscious analysis through every perv's eyes.
To them sexual connotations are everywhere :)

I'll give you an example:

your wii fit comment, if I gave you a "oui-fit" would it wear you out? ;)

Amethyst said...

I caught that. I giggled and shut up about it because I was watching it with kids;p

And it's your being exposed to Freudan thoughts every semester. We're just perverts by nature.

3abeer said...


we are all addicted to wii.. especially wii fit :)

Hanan said...

ds 3aib :P
amethyst but you must admit you love that crazy perverted psychoanalyst.
3abeer good to know i'm not alone here. boxing or steps? that's an important decision i have to make now :)

Disturbed Stranger said...

ma :)

and it's Disturbed Stranger not ds!

AnGeL said...