Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Charlie bit me, and it hurt.

Been hooked on Charlie for a while now. Aren't they cute?

If Charlie bites you, and in your peaceful (or lazy) nature, you decide not to take action, do you want your significant, or not so significant:) other, to defend you? In other words, do you value this interference into your life meant to stand up for you or do you see it as an act that sees you incapable of caring for yourself. Do you want your beau to be your knight in shining armor (hmmm. or your lady in a Joan of Arc armor?)?

update: I just heard that Dr. Ahmed Al-Rubie passed away. My condolences to his family and loved ones. My condolences actually go to everyone in Kuwait. His optimism and love of life have always been much admired. Rare to find, and maybe even idealistic, but certainly something to be missed.


Amethyst said...

I wouldn't want my significant other to interfere. Threatens my independence;p

Allah yer7ema

ValenciaLover said...

A kid's laughter... and Ahmad Al-Rubei -God bless his soul- hmmmm, what a post, laughter and tears, isn't this a sum of our lives?

Anonymous said...

They are adorable and I cannot blame you for being addicted to their cuteness.

Allah yer7um Dr. Ahmed, may God help his family through this difficult and dark time.

Hasan.B said...


Anonymous said...

Hanan please excuse my off-topic comment, but regarding UshopweShip - I have to say your brother was right about their being rather lackadaisical in getting shipments here on time. I think I vouched for them to you prematurely. It took the last three shipments from my mailbox ( a new and excitedly awaited Macbook Pro laptop among them) being inexplicably delayed for me to lose my patience and complain (the items I was waiting for were not even registered in my mailbox until 5 days after they were delivered to the center in NY). But still, they are cheaper and their office staff is very nice and helpful.

Hanan said...

ms. baker. I went ahead and signed up for ushopweship. So far I received two shipments and both timely. I'm not happy with my inability to track my shipment the way I am able to with Aramex.
We'll see how it goes.

hasan. those kids are famous :)