Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why I couldn't Mac

I'm now back to Windows. This is such an ugly interface. I miss my Mac.
Now let me list my reasons for going back, retreating, downgrading to Windows:
1. Though iWork, NeoOffice and other Mac programs have a more advanced looking interface, they lack a simple feature: You can not choose to automatically save a portion of the sheet every time you save the file. How am I to keep updating my students' grades?
2. Though Frontpage is becoming obsolete (or so every one is telling me), I was not able to find an easier to use publishing program that allows you to save your webpage on your harddrive and, again, to automatically save as information there is updated.
3. The edit feature in other programs conflict with the word programs my students send me. As such, I see mistakes in format that are not there in the original, Windows files created by my students.
4. Video-conferencing, though more advanced with iChat and Skype, does not work on Mac with Messenger. Most people still use Messenger.
5. networking Mac with Windows does not seem easy. I could not access other computers and once that was managed, I had trouble accessing the printer on my PC.

So now I'm a Windows person again, regretfully, unfortunately.

I hate Windows.I'm liking Jack Savoretti. Thank you Sou. Here's one of my favorites: Blackrain


Purgatory said...

Welcome back my child

ValenciaLover said...

pepsiguy, did you see that?

3baid said...

You can use both Mac and Windows on a Mac so you still get best of both worlds.

Amethyst said...

I'm liking Savoretti because of Sou, too:)

Sou said...

I'm spreading the Savo-Love ;)

Oh, have you heard? Apparantly I'm famous now, "The girl with the pink blanket on her head." Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

its like your evil now .. you turned to the dark side .. theres no saving you now .. well you can always look to the bright side of things ..

1. yes you can,

2. well there are over 40+ grade A+ html editors that have atleast the features of frontpage on mac, heres a round up of the best

3. see number one

4. ohohoho, yes you can :P ..

5. maybe this will help .. its like a 3 step hassle .. it beats sharing files or printers on windows ..

REAL said...

If your students are sending you files and the formating of them is important than they should be sending you pdf files. Even from one copy of MS Word to another the file can be rendered different.

BTW, Macs have built in PDF printing support. Go Mac!

Anonymous said...

real: some of her students have trouble saving their files in regular default word format, let alone pdf

Disturbed Stranger said...

Mac? you really stress on insignificant objects...
Your pc sucks, get over it :)

And The only Mac you should be concerned with is Mac-Donalds :)

Alia said...

disturbed stranger ... hhehehehe

Disturbed Stranger said...

Alia- Yeah I thought so too :)

Soud said...

Who bite that apple?


Hanan said...

purg Gracias Padre
valencia don't edge him on. He doesn't need any encouragement in that field.
3baidMac is still running there but all my files are now on windows so there's no point of me switching to Mac.
sou Yes people were talking about the blanket that same day. Good for you. A Blanket is your road to fame.
1. Mac Office doesn't support Arabic.
2. I asked for support on this. You weren't very helpful :p None is as user-friendly as front page.
3. Again, no Arabic.
4. Adium only has webcam, not video-conferencing.
real It's already quite a demand on some students to even send an attachment. Suggesting for them to send pdf is a bit too much.
stranger You're disturbed. Enough said :p
Alia Don't gang on family with strangers.
soud apparently I did, when I switched to Windows :)

White Wings said...

you can't mac? that's fine
can you bring your butt home??
miss work :) i see you there more often

White Wings said...

حنان، بسلم عليج بما اني الى الآن ما شفتج

SiCko said...

try mercury messenger
and any words about the leopard ?

Ali said...

u know if theese problems have been fixed in the new OS?
coz i am really thinking of getting a mac soon

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