Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Higher Ed Coaster

Sometime in April, I contacted Higher Ed to process my son's papers. They tell me the admission letter is not enough and I should contact them again when his High School diploma is out so they contact DC to get the final approval.
Early June. Diploma ready, I submit all his papers, only to be informed that they could've contacted the Cultural Office in DC with his admission letter only (Now did they not know that before?). I am told to wait a week or two for a reply from DC.
After 2 weeks of constant phone calls to a line that is mostly not answered I find out that there is still no word from DC.
Doubting, rather too late, that they might not have even sent the papers, I call the Cultural Office in DC only to hear that they have not received anything regarding my son. I ask whether I can fax them the papers. But of course they need an official cover letter :)
I contact High Ed this morning ready to flip at them (I hold my peace knowing that would only get them even less cooperative) and they confirm that fax has been sent, showing a paper with a stamp "faxed" as proof. Yup. Proof indeed.
It's almost mid-July and we leave the country early August.

This is the easiest chapter of my life on a roller coaster.

The rest is too roller coastery for a blog :)
So I leave you with silly jokes.

Who Why do the French eat snails?
Because they don't like fast food.

What do you say to a dead robot?
Rust in peace pieces.

And a by-now family classic:
Why is six afraid of seven?
Because seven eight nine.


Purgatory said...

umm, did you expect anything different ;p

brainless said...

lool , 7,8,9

Hanan said...

purg. Yes. I expected that a simple fax is not too beyond anyone's capacities at this day and age.

brainless. Welcome to my blog. And yes. 7 has quite an appetite :)

Ms Loala said...

I say spare yourself the hassle of dealing with government depatrments and do it yourself otherwise your son will be stuck here for the next 4 years :\

and lol @ the jokes! :p

AnGeL said...

typical ...very typical
alla y3eenich

Alia said...

آنا اقول خليه يقد هني ومو لازم الدراسة

دبلوم الصنايع شفيه يعني؟


W Ba3dain '7atheeti alithin min omar before publishing his jokes .. tara el7uqooq ma7foutha

Oh .. &
"WHY" not "Who" do the french eat snails?

That's why you need to get permission

Mama Ony said...

Same scenario..
Year after year..
happen with everybody I know..
3AaaAAaAAaaaAaaAaAAaAAaa .

Hanan said...

ms lola. I actually told them let me do it myself. They said you can't :). I'm at their mercy.

angel. reminds you of situations at KU doesn't it?

alia. Using this as an excuse to keep in Kuwait sounds tempting :)
And jokes fixed. Permission was instant. I told him bring it here I wanna borrow a few for my blog. Shako you interfere between the onion and its skin? :P

mama ony. welcome to my blog.

Soud said...


وع الله يديم النعمه

مالقو الا هالوجبه