Saturday, June 17, 2006

ripped to pieces

I didn't have the chance to take a picture of the posters yesterday. And now they are all ripped to pieces.
Posters in Surra, scattered around, not too many. They say something like "We can't be bought by the Dinar," and "We're not for sale" (rough translation).

Now who would rip such posters?


shosho said...

اللي على راسه بطحة


But, this is good news - it means their exposure is costing them dearly.

Alia said...

الجابرية والسرة والعديلية

الظاهر تكينا عالجرح بقوة

Òrange Juice™ said...

Haters of corse
But I don't blame them ...
not all of us like to be bought

♀ L's brain ♀ said...
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White Wings said...

Who would rip such posters? Those who can be bought by the dinar and those who who are for sale..
Has it always been that corrupted in Kuwait or is there a curse this year?

Mini Я. said...

Ignorant bastards thats what I say. Excuse my language Hanan, I sort of got tired of listening to my non-Kuwaiti friend complaining about how "those torn posters are a danger to drivers!" I had to explain to him everything..all he said was, "Ah, Kuwaiti Elections."

Now whatever the hell did THAT mean? :/

Hanan said...

shosho and alia. vote-buyers are hopeless. exposure doesn't seem to affect them. Let's hope that these ads, ripped or not, would beat at the consiousness of those who are willing to sell their conscious for a few dinar.

Ó√. But I do blame them.
And welcome to my blog.

l's brain. Whoever ripped them has no ethics. Do you wish to tie yourself to those, even in jest?

white wings. I think corruption is growin fast and big in Kuwait. These are indeed decisive elections. They either cut the roots of evil or add soil to them. We just have to wait and see how much of the country is sold and bought that easily.

Mini Я. Ah, Kuwaiti Elections indeed :(

iDip said...

Ayya has some pictures:

Swair. said...


ili 3ala rasaa reesha :p

cosimfree911 said...

inshalaa ra7 yetga63 wayhaa methal maa ga63 alposters
walaa ra7t 3alinaa ehnee 3ail hal ashkaal ehyaa elly mashyaa wain alnaas alshareyfaa elly bel 10 yajema3aaa walaa lazem maa nasket 3an hal ashkaal

oo bravo 3alikom elly sawitoah fee jamal le3mar thaak alyoom barvo :)

Proletarian said...

they are afraid from the people. this is why they ripped the posters. this means we are more powerful than them, and they will lose the fight in the 29th.
by the way good job in the last incident...

Jewaira said...

Who indeed?

I saw posters like that in Keifan too.

shosho said...

I just read the news about the investigation - allah ma3akom o inshallah he'll be convicted.

AyyA said...

I went to take some pics and I found them ripped off, I still took pics, you can find them on my blog. And btw; I have news that Surrah residents are trying to get some more posted ;)
I came here to tell you that I’m sooo proud of my cousins
You are the sunshine of my life :*

Hanan said...

iDip. Yes I noticed. She's better prepared than I am to document such events. I merely witness and report, unsupported by physical proof.

swair. reesha or ba67a? :P

cosimfree911. "yetga63 wayhaa" kbaira shway, don't you think? They might be just a bunch of kids paid off by someone bigger. (and I mean bigger, not just older)

proletarian. The people do seem to have more power that we thought is possible. Or maybe it's the coalition of different peoples that gave them this power. Either way, it's paying off.

jewaira. Someone careless, stubborn, and wayha manchab.

shosho. Inshallah my dear.

ayya. I saw them the night before they were ripped and thought that I could take a clearer picture the next morning. I never thought that next morning would be too late. Thank you for your pictures. Yours was among the few blogs I surfed through to find them and I was right: there they were.
And thank you but ma saweena ella elwajib.