Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let them eat cake!!!

Isn't this similar? I don't write political posts. This isn't politics. I write about food. So here's food for thought:

Isn't approving 10 when you ask for 5 similar to suggesting cake when you ask for bread?

Well, not quite. Offering cake is an indication of ignorance. Offering 10 is one of not giving a damn. Or is it not so?

Sunday: 6-8 PM


Teller said...

I do see the similarity. Off with their heads!

Jacqui said...

It's not about food :P You're lying to me :( And I'm buying it, well not really.

ScarlO said...

erm, the way i see it is that if I ask for five and get ten, i'd be thankful.

If I ask for bread and get cake, I'd be really really really annoyed. And I'd say something 'artistically' rude. I don't want to give examples.

I hate politics. I love green apples.

The Stallion said...

See you there!

Alia said...

عجبني التشبيه

Although I don't think that they care for our order

NuNu™ said...
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NuNu™ said...

Well heeey there you go, you just mentioned something that involves politics!

"Saturday: 6:30 PM Sa7at El3alam"

iDip said...


What about if you were "promised" an 80% discount, then you get 40% instead?

P.S. This is Math, no politics involved ;)

shosho said...

When I say I want bread, I do mean bread. Not cake, not popcorn, not kenafa, just plain bread!

I do have a guillotine.

I don't give a damn who is sent to it.

(Pulls her little black book from under her orange wings and starts jotting names)

Hanan said...

teller. First time here? Welcome.

jacqui. Cake, bread, food. No?

scarlo. If you ask for 5 apples and you get 10, good. If you ask for 1/5 of the apple and you get 1/10, would you still be thankful?

stallion. Cancelled? See you Sunday, hopefully.

alia. But I demand 5 and I won't take 10 for an answer.

nunu. Sunday 6-9 Parliament.

idip. Good. Politics no. Food and shopping yes.

shosho. What kind of bread? Wholewheat? White? Rhye?

Spontaneousnessity said...

wai chan zain ana there =/

Judy Abbott said...

yes when you ask for a 5 squeezed oranges it way to different from getting 10 mangos !!

how can you drink those ten mangos!! and they cause allergies to many people !! and i asked for (5) oranges as in juice not as mangos food! there is a big differance, mangos have to stick their smell on you and you have to have some residue on your face or hand or something...but oranges you ust drink them and feel good and healthy!

im totally getting your point :)

see you there