Monday, May 22, 2006

Away from politics

Away from politics 1:
Today is the last day of class, the worst day of the year for me. I hate saying goodbye to students. Every semester I get to know a number of students. Some are old students from my days as a school teacher. Some are interestingly bold and original in their way of thinking. Some are a raging volcano of emotions and thoughts under a quiet facade. Some are still learning to gain a voice. Some are struggling with balancing family and school. Some I enjoy teasing and some take pleasure in teasing me. But all are such a pleasure to teach and an honor to know. To my 475 class and to those who graduated before, I dedicate this post.

Away from politics 2:
The maid I borrow from my sister twice a week to clean the house has to go back home. After finding a suitable candidate, I went to apply for her visa armed with the necessary papers only to be told that they need a recent divorce paper, not more than 6 months old. What's the logic behind this? 6 months? I'd understand, or can pretend to understand, 3 months, as a woman cannot remarry within three months of her divorce. But 6? What would happen in 6 months that can't happen in 3?

Away from politics 3:
I was supposed to join Walk the World with my friend yesterday. She couldn't take the day off so I decided not to go alone. But later on I decided to go to release some stress (not caused by the latest political events but by personal matters). Is it still supporting Child Hunger is my cause was a fresh walk on the beach for exercise and for stress release?

I leave you with pictures of the event:

وهم نبيها خمسة


Soud said...

Your question is why they ask for 6 month divorce paper ??


shosho said...

All official papers need to be up to date and should not exceed the 6 months span, still no logic in it, but I don't think
it's confined only to divorce papers.

Alia said...

I was planning on going to the marathon & I wanted to go with you but then I had some stress since your brother is away)that I needed to be released

so I hung out with your too lazy sisters (shoof meen 3am ye7ki)

Jacqui said...

Aww so you dedicate this to me? :/ Aww really?! Awwww I love you too :P

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Explain the logic behind this too: when a divorcee applies for a visa for a male helper (gardener,driver, etc) they ask for papers that prove she owns a house and not renting. They, sometimes, also ask for a house layout to make sure the male helper will be staying in a room outside the house!

Hanan said...

Soud. First time here? Welcome to my blog.

shosho. So I heard. Soud kindly explained that to me :)

alia. Excuses...excuses...excuses. The guy's gone for a couple of days. shda3wa rayi7 ghoo9 :P

jacqui. You? So I know you? ;)

shopa. Imagine the following situation:
Respectful Kuwaiti woman walks out of bedroom in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. At the same time the indian/driver heads to kitchen for the same purpose. They collide. A spark is ignited. Respectful Kuwaiti lady runs away to India with driver. The horror. The horror.

Alia said...

you've tried living with single (pregnant) alia back in glascow .. & i bet u didn't like her .. so yes it's only 4 days .. but it's awful

Hanan said...

alia. How can I forget? OK then tell that bad boy not to leave you again :*
He's back, No?

Alia said...

today at 4

ValenciaLover said...
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ValenciaLover said...

Alyooo, im not lazy i had my own reasons,,,
Hanan, regarding the maid, welcome to Kuwait...
وبعدين عسى ما شر؟
What's wrong with you? Why aren't you feeling OK?
I wonder if our teachers ever remember us, 'cause i'd love to know where some of them are right now, especially one Iraqi lady that was my Physics Professor who, for known reasons, was kicked out of Kuwait. Are all teachers as goog as you are?

ValenciaLover said...

Oh and what's up with the bloggers' gathering? Any plans?

Anonymous said...

I hate saying goodbye too. every semester i get to know a number of teacharat :Pp some are serious and strict. some are too sexy that you cant even concentrate. some are SUPER SUPER TALKATIVE :P some have MANY MANY information that they cant stop talking :/ some are friendly but scary. some I enjoy gazing at. some have brilliant new ways of teaching. but "all" are such an honor to know :P~~~~

Anonymous said...

oh and some have UNFINISHABLE demands :P some are CRAZILY DEMANDING !!! madry meen ween eybon hal demands >:( some writes crazy nerdy exams! every question is an essay by itself :...( !bas shensawee ba3ad they are also unforgettable :P

nerd, naturaly red-bullized teachers :(

Wilted_Roze said...

hey sweety nice BLOG :)
and umm glad u had fun on the event.

Yes its the end of the year I feeel the same way with my students TOOO *SNIFFFF* I mean come on I watched them grow and becoming Young ladies /

Sou said...

So whatever happened to your 170 class?! No mention of them anywhere I see :p