Sunday, February 19, 2006

Week One

Week one started last Saturday. My classes seem promising so far. I'm not very crazy about segregated classes, especially of girls only, so that one is already my least favorite. Too soon to judge of course, but my first impression is very promising so far.

Officially week one was last week. But since I was away and missed Saturday and Monday*, my students assumed I won't show up Wednesday as well.

* I spent Monday in London. Arriving at the hotel at 8:30 am, leaving it by 9, I took the Bakerloo line to Piccadilly Circus and walked from there to the fascinating National Gallery where I enjoyed the fastest tour ever inside a gallery, arriving 9:30 and leaving by 12:

After that I walked to Westminster Abbey, stopping for a quick picture of Big Ben:

Another fast tour, this time of the Abbey, lasting less than 2 hours.

By 3 pm I was starving so took the famous London taxi towards Harrods knowing that if I go there hungry, I'd shop for food and thus satisfy my need to buy something at Harrods, and at the same time not burden my budget by buying something from Harrods. So it was Pizza from their Pizzaria. Delicious.

By then I was totally and completely exhausted from lack of sleep ( I took a 5 hour sleep in the airplane getting there, but that was far from enough), so I took the underground again to the hotel for a nap.

Waking up, I took the Bakerloo line again to Piccadillly for some gift-shop hopping before going in for a fascinating night of Mama Mia:

London Baby :)

**Bader Ben Hirsi, director of The English Sheik and the Yemeni Gentleman, just left a comment on my blog of that title. Check it out if interested.


nazzal said...

that sounds a lot , for such a short time .
yumi yumi yummeeee

desmond said...

Welcome back....aaaaahh London....

ValenciaLover said...

pictures from London
i really wanna go now
i regret not going there a lot while studying in Scotland :/

A3sab said...

mama mia is amazing. I also heard that "........woman" (cant remember the title) is really good.

Brava Valentia said...

aaaaahhhh launduraa !!

welcome back

Hanan said...

nazzal. I had one day only and wanted to make the most out of it. So yeah, I did your fastest ever sightseeing tour of London :)

desmond. Thanks. And yes. aaahhh London...

valencia. save up for it then :P

a3sab. I think there were two shows, woman in white and woman in black, but I wasn't sure what they were so opted for Mama Mia. Yes it was amazing.

mother courage. thanks

bo_sale7 said...

hellooo ...

its my 1st time to ur blog ...its nice and freindly :)
best of luck