Monday, January 09, 2006

Fun with Template

I'll be working on my template for the next few days, trying out new things, so bare with me.

I leave you to rest here in the meantime:

I wanted this as my background. If only I can remove the dog it'd be perfect.


Jacqui said...

Awesome, now you've got some time after finishing with the papers right? :P right right right? :P Hehehe

Anywhoo, need any help with templates I can hook you up with a few websites with nice templates.

Judy Abbott said...

Well i like the heading already...

oh i already feel sleepy when this gany homy kinda bed :)

Honestly i can't wait to see your new template.. :)

you have caz and Aman and jacki ofcourse ;) for help if you need it.. also if you need to remove the dog your self you can use photofilter to crop the dog and continue with the pattern Teacher ;)

Jan6a said...

ohhh i like this one! bs china the side bad HUGE?

Zorath 3000 said...

there you go dogless wyeth's master bedroom without a dog :D .. unfortunatly i couldnt get mr. wyeth to do it .. i had to photoshop it .. hope you like and if you really like it .. than consider this a bribe to boost my grade :P



p.s. i couldnt find a higher rez version of the painting .. if u have one then please gimmie so i can edit the dog out again :D ..