Saturday, November 26, 2005

تلفون خربان

Why do government employees lack the simplest levels of customer service?
Why do they assume that customers have nothing to do other than wait for them while they chat with this and that?
Why do men have a problem looking at you when you talk? And I'm not talking about those so-called religious le7ya dudes. This guy had no trouble blabbing away with his female colleagues.

I went to Surra (phone company? what do you call those places?) to get some things done and the woman servicing me didn't know what to do so she had to ask this man who appeared to be her superior. He was chatting in his loudest voice with other employees so stepped forward to quickly answer her questions then went back to his yapping. When I addressed him with my question he seemed to look right through me. Am I invisible? The woman asked him another question, and again he gave her a quick answer and moved on without waiting to see if she got it (she didn't). Why can't those people be a little more professional?

Lunch today was a three piece meal of dark chocolate shot for appetizer, fondu for the main dish, and dark chocolate truffle for desserts. You think I overdid it?

And Now I sleep.


I the Beholder said...

From my experience you get two types: the first will ignore you, and the second type will talk to your breasts!

McArabian said...

Because he's a moron. Unfortunately, they're not an endagered species in Kuwait.

Shurouq said...

What about the crunchy fried calamaris?

The Stallion said...

Most guys like that have no interpersonal skills at all and they don't care for customer satisfaction! They do their job just to get paid and that's it!

forzaq8 said...

beacuse it take 1 to ruin it for everyone

i know alot of government employee who were good , talk nicely to everyone , then one man /woman shout at him , the manager doesn't cover for him , and he start reviewing him self , what i'm i gaining from this ? and he stop and become an ass

also the fact the government pay you either way doesn't help much

and from my experince in the government , nice people get steped on , asshole climb the ladder

Hanan said...

beholder: i don't know which one's worse :/

mcarabian: too bad, at least then we could put them in a zoo :)

shurouq. lol. i forgot about that. and the salad. oh and i have a confession. at 1 i had mushroom soup in fanar :)

stallion: well then this guy's job must have been hopping counters coz that's all he did.

forzaq. first time here? welcome. and yes I know government work makes 'morons' out of decent people :/

Jan6a said...

Yummy.. so you always have a big apetite?

Hanan said...

yeah but I usually curb it. Not lately though :(

And it's not apetite jan6a. I just LOVE dark chocolate :)

Misguided said...

Dear Hanan,

I think the root problem lies with any government position... Accountability!


William said...

MmMm< wish I could have lunch like that.

Luckybellybuddha said...

Hi :)
s/he couldn't act or be professional because s/he was hired & promoted on the basis of butt kissing & loyalty not that s/he studied or got educated to get there, hence aham shay: el7othoor wil '3eyab :-(.
Nice blog :-)

Alia said...

hanan i have a confession too ...
at 8 p.m i had baked macaroni..

& no u didn't over did it

انا تحسفت لما رديت البيت إنني ما اكلت إلا شوت وفوندو

desmond said...

Hi Hanan,
I think the only way to get decent service anywhere is to be a jerk - employees seem to respond to that. Just remember where the jerk ends & you begin..!!

"i"..the beholder - you forget the third type....the one who looks at your breasts while talking to you and then at your eyes to see if you noticed him talking to your breasts!! I know this because I've seen him do it..

moryarti said...

Wallahi government employees are government employees.. wherever they are!

I once came across a report/study on government worker productivity levels in the GCC that was developed by the UNDP ..

The results were shocking!

The average productivity time for a government worker in Kuwait was 13 minutes!

The report is about 3 years old i think.. I am not sure how the figures are now.

Jewaira said...

Misguided is right; it is all about accountability. And the thing is, even if you are the type of great emplyee that provides customers with exceptional service, you will soon be regarded as a moron by your colleagues and shunned because they think you are trying to outshine them- when you are only doing your job.

If I could only be be ruler for a year, and have all my clones in the ministry and parliament committees; aaah, things would be different! :P

Hanan said...

Government services are irreplacable. It's not like we can choose to do our business elsewhere. We're stuck with a government-run phone company, water, electricity, gas. Accountability is indeed missing in gobernment employees, but as jewaira and mistletoe pointed out, this is unavoidable since employees either get their jobs through was6a, in which case they don't care to work, or they work but are given attitude from their co-workers.

desmond, mistletoe, moryarti. Welcome to my blog.

Alia. so did you make up for it yesterday?