Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Time precious time

Tomorrow's schedule: Fu6oor with group of friends at 5, Hangout with other group of friends at 8, semi-ghabga with family at 9:30. What about Me-Time?

Been over-blogging lately. Must make more time for other things.
Been over-eating too. But do not intend to do less of that :)

Took my class out today as is my habit when the weather cools down. Weather was perfect.

I need to expand my DVD collection. Watching Big Fish.

William Bougueeau's La Tricoteuse
Her face is captivating. No?


Jacqui said...

At some points, we want to stop time, at others we want to speed up time. Time is the one thing that can't be controlled really :/ I face a similar dilemma where in Ramadan I don't get enough sleep at all, I sleep around 4ish, wake up 3 hours later or sometimes 4 :/ Attend classes and after Fe6or I sleep from around 7 until 11 but sometimes it goes onto 1AM and then the process repeats itself again. I hate the wasted time thing. :r This is getting to be a long comment must stop now. :/

Anonymous said...

Big Fish is a nice movie .

waterlilie said...

You know what I find amusing in all of this is the fact that we don't stop to think how blessed we really are. Have a wonderful time with your friends, and family, not many people in the world are fortunate to live in such a loving enviroment.Alwats be thankful for what you have. Alone time I suggest a long bath at the end of the night-light some candles-read a book, enjoy :)

Big Fish-tell me what you think. Ukhhhhh :P

And the painting is beautiful, and so angelicly refreshing.

A3sab said...

i know how youmust be feeling, always on the run... schedules always crammed. At least its better than having nothing to do.

Anonymous said...

Big Fish's a nice movie, I agree with the previous anon. The book though was a bit too different, or at least not as good as I expected. I expected something so colourful and .. fantastic, but it wasn't. Ugh, watch it and let us know what you think of it.

Oh, and how's "A Million Little Pieces" ? I hear it's bloody fantastic..

Hanan said...

Jackie. Bad sleeping habits, but I can see how Ramadan makes a big mess out of those. It'll soon be over and you can go back to a normal life :)

anon. I didn't finish it yet bt it sounds okay so far, not brilliant, and kinda got bored in the beginning, but it's picking up now.

waterlilie. I am indeed very thankful to have all those friends around me. Last year this time I was all alone in the US and feeling very lonely. Candle-lit baths are amazing, especially if accompanied by Sade.

a3sab. Yeah I love busy schedules :)

anon. A Million Little Pieces is so gripping so far. Read it.

Badoor said...

u have 2 make those plans? if u want *u time* u can make some by ditching some of *them time*

ValenciaLover said...

Loved the painting. Love buisy schedules too. oh and over-eating is not bad too

MissCosmoKuwait said...

What a beautiful picture...very captivating...and aint it great there's only three days left! (estagfarallah)..but just in time to get our lives back in order..right after Eid that is!

Hanan said...

badoor. I can't ditch 'them' time. No way man. Them I like alot :)

valencia. food ... good ... me like (yabeela reyoog el7een)

miscosmo. I know. Finally breakfast will be in again. Yipee

wv= zfoir (sounds funny)

q8tyshareef said...

Big Fish is awesome!

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