Saturday, October 01, 2005

Say what?

He's 12. OMG I had to consult my sister to get to the bottom of this. But my main attack of course isn't on my struggle to understand it, I am willing to admit that that may be my own problem. But why all this negativity? A friend of mine keeps repeating that Islam derives from Salam; peace. So why is the second 'religious lesson' my son has to learn still talking about sins? Why does Islam, taught in our schools, mostly focus on sins and punishments?

This is dediated to Ayya who asked for another sample of that endearing Arabic text book.

I miss blogging. Between this mind-boggling daily dosage of the most endearing Arabic homework, the classes I teach, housekeeping, raising two boys who seem to be straying in the wrong direction, socializing (a necessity unfortunately) and of course shopping and going out (come on, I need an outlet :), I barely have time to read/comment on people's blogs lately. Anything new and interesting I'm missing?


shosho said...

Well I didn't post - so you didn't miss much ;)

Jacqui said...

Well the world of technology is constantly changing, and constantly coming up with new things, hence yes if you would like to know what's new in the technological world then there are plenty of new things.

AyyA said...

Thanks dear for your dedication and let me share this with you:
The other day, when I was visiting my sister’s house for lunch, a big poster that was recently hung on the wall grabbed my attention, the poster read
” I pray with my father in the mosque, while my sister prays with my mother in our home”
And although this poster might seem very innocent and the sentences are common to those who have experiences with public schools, but I could not help wondering what damage those words could do to first grader’s upbringing since it was taken from one of its assigned textbooks.
Let’s read between the lines to see the real message behind it:
1-It’s good for men to be social only with their gender
2-Female’s place is her home.
3-Females can only socialize with their gender.
And that’s what comes to mind now, and to root these ideologies in the youth from that early age is what I consider conspiracy on nature.
How on earth do we expect the next generation to be able to produce, both genders hand in hand if we are conditioning segregation from that early age?
And the examples of that are many in our upbringing, now do you blame a working female for refusing to deal with her male colleagues directly?

Nuttimilius said...

who can blame her? men are revolting LOL

Shurouq said...

Tara I still don't get the "wadi" part.. So irrelevant!

MissCosmoKuwait said...

yes...please check out my latest post on curriculum at public schools...they were written with 3adat wa taqaleed in mind...which sadly cause the segregation that ayya is talking's very sad....

Peach said...

We are taught Islam in school by dogmatic narrow minds that take Islam only by the peel much influenced by politics & “3adat wa taqaled!”. Sadly we are not taught much about the core which I believe is about peace of the soul & of living & the love of man kind & of God. The other day I was helping out my little bro with his studies and I could hardly believe what I was trying to make him understand; that there are certain things which are 7aram for the human brain to try and understand, like understanding Allah! Why the hell were we given a friggin brain then!! And how are we supposed to know and love our creator?!! By what we’re told!! By fear! By ignorance!!!!! And how the hell am I gonna help him understand something I completely disagree with him!! I even openly told him that! It’s sad really.

Hanan said...

shosho. lol. such confidence :)

jackie. huh?

ayya. isn't it depressing?

nutti. blame who? revolting against what?

shurouq. if you don't get it, it's beyond you. isn't that the 'religious' justification?

spont. I'm lost. which post? the tmbaktu one. girl you have 3 blogs, that's hard to track.

peach. i try to avoid discussing religion with my son. call it escapism. but i explain the quran and a7adeeth to him as an exercise in arabic. get the meaning of the text as text :/

q8tyshareef said...

You know why Islam is not being taught as a religion of peace in schools? Simply because the wrong people, in the wrong place, are responsible for organizing, editing, and publishing textbooks.
If a Christian was in charge of our religion books in school, he/she would have done a better job!