Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Da Vinci Code?...Really?

So what's all this fuss about? There's nothing artistic about the telling of this novel. The search for the Holy Grail reveals many secrets and hidden stories to the grand-daughter of the leader of an organization whose main aim is to preserve the real story of Jesus; his humanity, as opposed to the Church's rendition of him as son of god. My 16 year old son, currently obsessed with finding codes and conspiracies within every feature of life naturally loved the book, as a code-breaking sort of game maybe. As for a novel, this book fails miserably. It's gripping indeed and you would want to finish exposing its codes, but that's about it.

OK and now I'm sounding a lot like my dad in his reaction to our visit to the Museum Der Moderne in Salzburg: THIS IS NOT ART

Side-note: Members in my book club, dwindling in size after my abandonment of it for a year, loved this book almost as much as my son did. Go figure :s Posted by Picasa


don_veto said...

I read that book, it was ok. I felt it was written like a movie screenplay. It turns out it will be a movie with Tom Hanks having the lead role.

It is scheduled for release in early 2006.

shosho said...

I'm glad there is someone out there who didn't fall for the charms of 'The Da Vinci Code'.

I didn't find it gripping either. I would reach a cliff-hanger moment and close the book to go to sleep. Till this day my brother wonders how I managed to do that.

But I would watch the movie once it's released - just for the heck of it.

Misguided said...

Dear Hanan,

I must disagree. It was one of the few books that you feel you have learnt something at its conclusion. The book is not only about the holy grail...but more. It shows us the genius of many renaissance painters, it made me want to read more about the Templars, and ultimately it was the ultimate cliffhanger.

I read the time traveller's wife and got bored in the middle of it....couldnt finish...just didnt grab my attention. But it is an international bestseller.

Books, like food and clothes, are a matter of taste. Different strokes for different folks.



P.S. The Rule of a far more cerebral "DaVinci Code" if you will. I certainly enjoyed it much more. Give it a try, it's a murder mystery, on a university campus. There is an ancient text involved..and codes.. But it has college romance as well.

Brava Valentia said...
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Brava Valentia said...

my sister is 4 years younger and shes reading the story while am waiting for the movie which is gonna be released next may !
lazy ass i know

"miss" Hanan i think i knOw u . ur amazinG although i havent had the chance to get into ur classes.but i used to see u every now and then in Corridors ;-)
keep it up i love ur bloG

Hanan said...

don_veto. welcome to my blog. hope your stay was pleasant. I'm waiting for the movie.

shosho. Like you, though I didn't like the book, I would want to watch the movie. I have different expectations when it comes to book to those that I have for movies.

misguided. Naturally I was voicing my own opinion of the book. I agree that in terms of information, this book is loaded. But I was hoping to read a novel, not look into a history of art/religion book. Is this your first time here? if so, then welcome.

mother courage. glad you like my blog. that's for your sweet words

Hanan said...

correction: that's=thanks :S

kwtia said...

I kept thinking throughout that he writes the way teenagers who are in their first 'writing class' write...'here is where you have to place a cliffhanger'..'here is where there should be sexual tension'..except that it becomes so dry and clinical because it is so formulaic...and his info is limited..though it does make you want to learn a bit more about the things he mentions..but when you do actually learn more, you realise he was just very confused about the subjects and extremely superficial..he's a really bad writer..but was saved by interesting historical impossiblities...

Bloo said...

hanan.. i dont agree.. i thought the book was educational.. had a lot of facts in it that not every person would know.. plus it was gripping in the sense u really wanted to know where the holy grail was .. am i right?

AyyA said...

I totally agree with you

Hanan said...

kwtia. exactly

vintage. information is not what i look for in a novel

ayya. welcome to my blog