Thursday, May 12, 2005

2 Weeks

My To-Do List:
1. Provide the boys' schools with new address to send transcripts.
2. Disconnect phone, cable, power, internet, cell phones, hotspot, blockbuster.
3. Call furniture store to pick up furniture.
4. Change address with Bank.
5. Call Kuwait Airways.
6. Arrange time and date with shipping company.
7. Return books to library.
8. Call Cecilia and Murphy to thank for their help.
9. Find buyer for car.
10. Get rid of extra furniture.

And if there's time: shop, shop, and shop. Barnes & Noble and Gap (I hate shopping for boys in Kuwait) I'm gonna miss dearly :(

Oh and of course, PACK. The horror! The horror!


Shurouq said...

Let the boys do the packing.. I'm sure they'll do a better job :P

Shurouq said...

Oh, & Noony, If you pass by Mall @ Millenia would you get me cinnamon mints from American Eagle, pleeease?

nazzal said...

You did have good times , didn't you ?
So good luck and Bon voyage :)

shurouq , anything with cinnamon is super , send me niq9ah

Hanan said...

Yeah I think I'll leave computer, keyboards and guitar packing for the boys and I'll pack the easier items: clothes, shoes and bags (I seem to have developped a greediness for shoes and bags, either that or they're just hard to resist here)
I don't have to drive all the way to Mall @ Marina for American Eagle, they're found in most malls, even the one close by. But darn it, since you asked, I'd have to go there coz ma agdar arid lich 6alab. See the sacrifices I make for you girl :P Neiman Marcus here I come (shit, that means more purses) :S

Nazzal. I had a great time, inspite of homesickness, especially today which was the first time I shop guilt-free. I usually feel like I have to rush back home to work on my papers :).

But hey, I saw Spike Lee, Amiri Baraka, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan. Disney, Epcot, MGM, Universal, Pirate's Cove, Medieval Times, Arabian Nights, Pleasure Island, biking in this amazing weather, walking down Winter Park Village, jogging around Lake Eola, exploring downtown, shopping Mall @ Millenia and Florida Mall, hmmm, what did I leave?

Yup. I'd say I had a wonderful time.

nazzal said...

عليج بالعافيه ،،، وإنشاالله دايماً مستانسه

وما راح تفقدين الكثير ، البديل كله موجود .... مسرحية توم صاد جيري من تمثيل وتأليف وإخراج الرجل الدائم الطفوله النجم عبدالرحمن العقل ... ومسرحية دراكييووله بالفريج من تمثيل وتأليف وإخراج أو إسهال ، ما أدري شنو المسلم .. المقاهي الشعبيه وستاربك ، جالاري ٢٠٠٠ ، سوق الميره والمعلم ، وفيلا مودا .. ستار اكاديمي مو بعيد ساعه ونص بالطياره في دبي ... إيي صج كل كتبج إللي تحبينها موجوه بذات السلاسل ، من إسمها هي مكتبه لتقييد العقل من الإنفتاح والبدع .. إيي سوري يعني آسف ، ماتقدرين تمشين حول النافوره لأن صارلها يومين خربانه !! ولكن ممشى الجابريه مفتوح ولاتنسين شجرتك إللي تحبينها

مع كل هذا الجنه من دون ناس ماتنداس .. وهني أهلك وحبايبج ... ترجعين بالسلامه إلى جماهيرية الكويت الحبيبه .. لاتنسين وأنت تعبين سمة الدخول تكتبين الحبيبه لأنها رسمياً صار جزء من إسم ديرتنا

وإنشالله دايما تاخذين سيباتيكالز

المرسل رافع المعنويات نزّال
فتى البراري والبحار

Hanan said...

LOL Nazzal this is not uplifting at all. Oh dear, what am I coming back to?

moe-isha said...

ME! yiiihahahaha (devilish smile)