Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Excluded...exiled...omitted...the horror the horror

So my so-called best friend just wrote a so-called article about her so-called life. And guess what? I was not included. I, her best friend, the best thing that ever happened to her, the richest part of her life, was not included.

Supposedly we're a group, a group of four, a foursome. But her stupid article refers to them as the infamous trio :@ trio my ass :@ infamous my ass :@ how dare she exclude me from their shopping spree story?

Okay I know. I'm not currently living in Kuwait so naturally their actual shopping spree does not include me. But this is fiction. It's her so called life. Enmbelish a little. Go back to a time when I actually was there. So I'm miles and miles away. So I'm exiled to Orlando. Does that excuse her for excluding and omitting me...the horror the horror.

To show my anger, I refuse to link this page to that so-called friend's. Posted by Hello


Judy Abbott said...

hey dont worry about her o kheeer ya 6eeer ..there are plenty out there !! tes6efel

moe-isha said...

nooooooony i told you they used the draft! yoou know i love you, and plus during the time your in orlando i told you i have you on your honeymoon in the story i swear!!!!!! in this article your are mentioned, it comes out tomorrow! you know i love u, u know ur my bestest friend, lol i feel like an 8 yr old, u know u bring the colour into my life, u know that without u i would be lost, and confused lol... u know u bring strength into my life ;p ps, i'll tell u ur name later

Jelly Belly said...

hahahahahaha...ooh girl..been there...being away is hard especially when they do their own thing and they say "walla kinty 3ala balana" hahahahha yeah sure!

I used to get sms or phone calls once a week since they graduated and now...aah maybe once a month! LOL
but you know what...true friends pick up where they left don't be so hard on them noony ;)

moe-isha: ooh your kissing up to harder better make it up ;)

Hanan said...

LOL. dear moe, why is it always so easy to rub guilt into you?
and why are you always willing to play along this guilt-rubbing game? ur so fake asshola and totally a kisser upper :P

nooni and jelly belly. thanks for your support in this most stressful time :* ur adorable blogmates and i'm replacing evil moe by you two.